Individual Medical Insurance Enrollment Extended to May 15

If you are not already aware, Medical Insurance enrollment has been extended to May 15, meaning:

    If you are not enrolled in a plan, you can enroll, and you cannot be declined. Also know that plans have no restriction for pre-existing conditions.

I am a broker. Just go to where it says need help from a broker and look me up. I am often asked why I need a broker:

    1. As an agent I have information about companies and plans option not available when calling 800#.
    2. This is probably most important reason, if you have a problem, or dispute I am there to help you get it resolved. No one ever expects a problem. I am there to advocate for you.
    3. There is no addition cost for you to use a broker as we are paid by the insurance company. Using a broker does not change amount you pay.

If you are not familiar with how our Medical Insurance system works here is a quick refresher. You pay premium based on income. If your income is below 1.35% of the Federal Poverty Level, (approx. $1,465/month) for an individual you would qualify for No Cost Medical Insurance or Apple Health. As your income increases you receive an immediate tax credits / premium reduction until your income reaches 400% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Household Size Income Limit

    1 - $51,040
    2 - $68,960
    3 - $86,880
    4 - $104,800
    5 - $122,720
    6 - $140,640
    7 - $158,560
    8 - $176,480

Your income in reconciled when you do your taxes so if you under or over estimate your income you will either have money refunded or you will have to pay the difference between the amount of the credit you received verses the amount you should have received.

The Affordable Care Act is great for people with lower incomes but if your income exceeds the limits, we both know the premium can be expensive. Since illness and injury always happen when you don’t expect it, you want to be covered.

AFI offers some alternative plans that will protect you and your family with premiums 30 to 50% less. You can find coverage for as little $105/mth

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Everyone is healthy until they are not. Don’t get caught with your pants down.